” Klirinski interbankarski sistemi AD Skopje is a payment system operator providing settlement of small interbank payments in Macedonia and a provider of additional services in common interest of the banks”.


Clearing of interbank payments of small amounts is the basic service managed and handled by KIBS.


KIBS manages the Single Registry of Transaction Accounts (ЕRTS)


Receipt of information on a blocked/deblocked transaction account by the payment transaction operator


A number of services for exchange of information between the suppliers of data and their users


Since June 2006, KIBS has been the first registered Issuer of Certificates (IC)

Ten years since the establishment of KIBS

KIBS AD Skopje in the first year of its second decade continue its successful work in terms of customer satisfaction and service providers, financial results, scope of work, introducing new services and commitment of the top management, middle management and the staff.
In 2012 the company achieved a positive financial result.
The rate of profitability of the company in 2012 was 22%, rate of return on assets (ROA) reached a value of 16%, and the rate of return on equity (ROE) was at a high level of 20%.

Informations about Digital certificates

+ 389 (02) 3297 444, + 389 (02) 3297 440
+ 389 (02) 5513 444 + 389 (02) 5513 440
fax:+389 2 3290 909

After making several adjustments and improvements of this project, the idea for implementing and establishing the process for e-commerce (Ki-Pay) was reborn. Newly established principles for operational use are broadly accepted by banks and in 2013 is expected this project to become operational. In order the project to be with highest operational quality and newest methods and technologies to be implemented, cooperation agreement was signed with the Faculty of computer science and engineering.

Direct debits

Direct debits In 2012 the Working Group on Direct Debit (DD) implemented the recommendations of the National Council for Payment Systems entirely.
Activities were mainly focused on finishing and testing of the simulator for the process of direct debit, as well as informing and presenting the process of direct debit to banks and other potential users of the system.
In November 2012 Simulator for DD has begun with operational testing and several simulations were made with participation of banks and other potential users. SLA agreement was signed with European Payment Council (EPC), owner of the license, for usage of procedures, standards and formats of the DD’s Schemes.